This series, which began in November 2009, shows the presentations made at CARI Forum by the different personalities that visit it. The chronicles are summaries are made by CARI’s interns
Most of them are written in Spanish, but since 2017 they are also in English



June 6, 2019


How did China build its capacity in Science, Technology, and Innovation? Learning from China

Seminar led by Francisco Sercovich, Carola Ramón-Berjano, and Jorge Malena


May 23, 2019


A tribute to the career of Dr. Roberto Russell

Event in honor of the academic and pedagogical contributions of Dr. Roberto Russell to the field of international relations, led by Roberto Bouzas y Klaus Gallo


April 25, 2019


Is there a Crisis of Values in the International Order?

A round-table debate with Rafael Bielsa, Marcelo Cantelmi and Jorge Castro. Moderator: Eduardo Sadous


March 26, 2019


Argentine-Chinese Strategic Partnership. Companies, investments and vision of the future

Seminar jointly organized by the Institute for International Security and Strategic Affairs (IISSA) and the Asian Affairs Committee


March 21, 2019


The relevance of the United Nations in the new world order

Academic session conducted by the President of the United Nations General Assembly, D. María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés


March 21, 2019


The International Trade Crisis and its Effects on the Global Economy: the Punta del Este Group Initiative

Academic session conducted by Uruguayan Ambassador Guillermo Valles Galmés with comments from Vice-President of CARI, Félix Peña. Moderated by Horacio Sánchez Caballero, coordinator of the Southern Producing Country Group, organized by the Southern Producing Country Group


March 19, 2019


Beyond Brexit, Global Ireland and the European Union, challenges and opportunities in a changing world

Academic session conducted by the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government of Ireland, Eoghan Murphy T.D., organized jointly by the European Affairs Committee and the Embassy of Ireland


March 18, 2019


Malaysia's Foreign Policy in the new government: policies related with Latin America

Academic session conducted by His Excellency Dato 'Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia


March 14, 2019


Armenia, gateway to Eurasia

Academic session conducted by Estera Mkrtumyan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Armenia to the Argentine Republic, with concurrent accreditation to Uruguay, Chile, and Peru. Presentation and introduction in charge of Ambassador Lila Roldán Vázquez, coordinator of the Euro-Asian Affairs Committee


October 19, 2018


The multivectorial foreign policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Academic session conducted by Leyla Abdullayeva and Rashad Aslanov and jointly organized by the Euro-Asian contemporary Studies Group. Moderator: Ambassador Lila Roldán Vázquez, coordinator of the Euro-Asian Affairs Committee


September 11, 2018


History of Montenegro: Motherland and Emigration

Academic session conducted by Srđa Martinović, Montenegrin historian, organized by the European Affairs Committee


September 6, 2018


Japan in the XXIst century: challenges and opportunities

Academic session conducted by Luis Argüero, Arturo Marfort, Cecilia Onaha and José Ramón Sanchís Muñoz, organized by the Asian Affairs Committee


August 27, 2018


Human Development and Sustainable Development

Academic session in charge of Mateo Estrémé, organized by the Environment and Human Development Studying Committee


July 3, 2018


The G20 Agenda during the 2018 Argentine Presidency

Presentation of the "The G20 Agenda during the 2018 Argentine Presidency" document, led by Alfredo Gutiérrez Girault, José Siaba Serrate and Ignacio Peña, with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Argentina


June 25, 2018


Global development of the knowledge economy: lessons from the Israeli case

Academic session led by Oren Gershtein, CEO of "Identity Roads", with comments from Lucas Cornejo y Martín Guinart, organized by the Committee of Science and Technology Issues


June 18, 2018


The Argentinian Foreign Policy against the new threats to security

Academic session in charge of Gustavo Zlauvinen, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Policy of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, moderated by Juan Félix Marteau and organized by the CARI Organized Transnational Criminality Committee


May 31, 2018


Experiences in the Positioning of the Sustainable Development Goals in Argentine Cities: Advances and Challenges

Joint seminar hosted by the Argentine Council for International Relations (City Internationalization Committee) and the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies


May 29, 2018


Syria post-ISIS

Academic session led by Juan José Santander and Julio Hang, organized jointly by the Committee on African Affairs, Arabian Countries and the Middle East and the Institute of International Security and Strategic Affairs


May 21, 2018


Progress in the Paris Climate agenda: achievements made towards the betterment of climate change since COP21

Academic session led by Marcia Levaggi, General Director of Environmental Issues in the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship, and organized by the CARI Environmental Studies Committee. Comments by Andrés Said and Matías Almang. Presentation and introductory words by Ambassador Elsa Kelly, Director of the Environmental Studies Committee


April 24, 2018


The grieta. What is it? Why does it exist? How to end with it?

Discussion table with the participation of Rosendo Fraga, Eduardo Fidanza and Alejandro Fargosi, moderated by Mariano Obarrio


March 27, 2018


Women, Peace and Security in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals

Academic session organized by the Grupo Joven (CARI)


March 22, 2018


The G20 Agenda from an Urban Perspective: Views of Engagement Groups

Seminar organized jointly by CARI and the City Government of Buenos Aires

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